#19 – Pancakes on the Floor (feat Oscar De La Hoya)

Dude, this week is………ugh. Lol! Our buddy Matt is officially no longer cool, he just bought a mini-van. We also find out that Milli’s mom has really pretty feet! Tino shares a story of a friend who had a syrup covered pancake just chilling on the floor. Nicasio and Deonne go back and forth with the insults and Milli and Tino end up having a screaming match! Yikes!!!

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Oh, did we mention that boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya is on this weeks show?! We caught up with him in Vegas and he reveals that he’s a fan of Cardi B.!


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19 – The Red Power Ranger (feat Ty Dolla $ign & King Lil G)

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This week, Tino is sharing his Chris D’Elia comedy show experience……ssssssssss’o pissed! Also, we chop it up with Ty Dolla $ign and King Lil G backstage at the Dub Show. By far our shortest episode but it’s still chune worthy.

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#17 – CHUNchinos

This week we did things a little different. We decided to record the audio from our daily TCR post show on Instagram Live. It’s basically us talking to listeners, answering questions and rambling on.

Not sure if it’s gonna come across well over the podcast but……oh well? Lol! 

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For everything TCR:


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#16 – Mask Off (feat Ice Cube & Problem)

Fresh from sin city! TCR caught up with rap icon, Ice Cube! He touched on the Big 3 championship, Quavo on the national anthem and a lot more!

To top it off, Mr. “Like Whaaaaaaat” Problem chops it up with us and talks his new single, sound, and even shares an untold DJ Quick story.

DJ Nicasio and Matt (aka Mad Dog, don’t beat us up Jess) join us again and needless to say, we talk about d-cks. LOL!

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#15 – Richard Nixon

Where do we even begin. SMH. Let’s start with this……

It’s that time of the month for Milli and she’d a tad bit cranky. Our friends Matt and DJ Nicasio hate each other so we decided to put them in the room together and, fun fact, Tino likes masturbation.

That about sums it up, enjoy! LOL!


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#14 – Solo Dolo

Can you believe it?! Episode four freaking teen! 

This is the first week that we have NO special guest. Well, kind of. 

Milli updates Tino on this “silent” song that is quickly creeping up the iTunes charts. Tino becomes furious and goes IN on the songs creator, Samir Mezrahi. After the longest rant ever, Tino realizes Samir’s reasoning and quickly becomes a fan. He reaches out via IG and Samir actually calls in! HAHAHAHAHA!

We also talk about a ton of other random ish. Tune in, turn up. Rate, Review, Subscribe!!!

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#12 – I Wanna Go Home (feat Ebro)

Episode 12 is here! Tino and Milli discuss their major move to morning radio in Phoenix, they reflect on their 21st birthdays, talk the texting ban in Hawaii and more.

Our guest this weeks is none other than Hot 97’s own, Ebro! He opens up about his early years in radio and how he got in the game. We also touch on sub-genre’s in Hip-Hop, his current Top 5, favorite Porn, and he gives the TCR team the pros and cons of morning radio. 

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11 – Pat Fimp (feat Joey Badass)

Tino had a threesome dream! Is Milli’s “partner” moving too damn fast? Hey, drivers in New York, F YOU! These are a few of the random topics we’re discussing this week. 

Plus, Joey Badass opens up about everything from Soundcloud to fashion vs style, Tupac, his most recent memorable moment and a ton more. 

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#10 – I Hope Chris Likes Me (feat D.R.A.M.)

We did it! Episode freakin’ 10!!!!

Tino is gearing up for his Chris D’Elia interview and is nervous that he’s gonna come off as a super fan. 

Other topics include NBC’s The Wall, a high school students might actually attend, how social media has killed social skills and more!!!

Plus, our special guest took time from Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” tour to talk with TCR about everything from his relationship with Eryka Badu to how important radio really is!

Enjoy this weeks amazing episode brought to you by The Wright Lawyers.

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